About Us

The MATCH (Multidisciplinary Approach to Cross-Cultural Health) Coalition began in 1996 as an informal working group of volunteers and representatives from health and community organizations. Healthy House Within a MATCH Coalition, a cultural literacy and preservation project, grew out of that effort and has been an independent non-profit since January 2003.

The Mission of Healthy House Within a MATCH Coalition is to promote the well being and health of all people in our multi-ethnic community through the provision of education, services and advocacy which are founded in respect for language, culture and health equity.

Board of Directors

The Rev. Phil Jenkins
Dr. Judith Hartman
Loretta Spence
Renee Davenport
Felicia Velarde Harden


Candice Adam-Medefind
Executive Director

Nai Saechao
Executive Assistant

La Verne Davis
Cultural Specialist

Alicia De Los Santos

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