Our Programs

African American Health Disparities
Healthy House has established a Steering Committee that consists of different organizations in the community partnering together to meet, publicize, coordinate available resources, and monitor implementation of activities that address maternal/child health disparities in the African American community. The Committee meets every four months to evaluate its progress.

Healthy Retail
Its primary goal is to promote good health by encouraging people in the community to eat fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer. We visit an Asian store in Merced County at least once a week to distribute beautiful and colorful recipe books with healthy and affordable recipes to remind people that a healthy diet is a very important factor to a long and healthy life.

Hmong Health Collaborative
Is composed of nine Hmong and refugee serving nonprofit organizations in the Central Valley (including Healthy House), from Fresno to Sacramento, which advocate on behalf of Southeast Asian community members.

Professional Healthcare Interpreter Training
Provides our ‘cutting edge’ Connecting Worlds: Central Valley Version 48 hour interpreter training, which conforms with the California Healthcare Interpreting Association (CHIA) Standards.

Language Bank Services

• Arabic
• Assyrian
• Cantonese
• Hindi
• Hmong

• Lao
• Mandarin
• Mien
• Portuguese
• Punjabi
• Russian
• Spanish
• Tagalog
• Ukrainian
• Urdu

Language Proficiency and Interpreter Readiness Assessments
Provide language proficiency tests in Spanish, Hmong and English to assess interpreting skills.

Translation/Trans-adaptation Services
Provide meaningful message conversion in Spanish, Hmong and Punjabi.

Cultural ResponsivenessTraining
Examples of trainings include: Working Effectively with Interpreters, Cultural Humility Trainings, Unnatural Causes, and Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations.

Partners in Healing
Provides quarterly physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health trainings for Hmong shamans and Western healthcare providers to integrate Western healthcare with traditional healing.

COVERED CALIFORNIA Enrollment Services
Provides free enrollment assistance, in several languages, into healthcare programs.

Medi-Cal Enrollment Services
Provides free enrollment assistance into the Medi-Cal healthcare program.

HONOR HUR (Honor HUman Rights for Ethnic Women and Girls)
Addresses Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, and Denial of Basic Human Rights to Ethnic Women and Girls.

Life Preserver in SEA Community (Abuse in Later Life Program)
Addresses the following types of abuse under California law: Abandonment, Abduction, Financial Exploitation, Isolation, Neglect, Physical Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Stalking in Southeast Asian adults, aged 50+. Healthy House is working in collaboration with Merced’s Adult Protective Services, District Attorney’s Office, Police Department, and Valley Crisis Center.

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